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Black Onyx bracelet

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Black Onyx is known to spiritually  " strengthen focus and willpower ". 

  • Black Onyx creates a powerful grounding energy, creating a powerful bond between the earth and higher power during spiritual guidance 
  • Helps with balancing the yin and yang energies within you .
  • Allows for one to feel centered , make wise issues and get to the root of any issue 
  • Chakra : Root 
  • Zodiac : Capricorn and Leo 
  • Money and Business dealings can be impactful with wearing Black Onyx 

-It helps in awakening the potential

It boosts charisma

It increases intuition

-It helps in achieving good results

Black Onyx can also be very beneficial to those who may struggle with  anxiety or grief.

While you can use your Black Onyx everyday to absorb your negative energy, here are ways to clean and recharge : 

Hold them in clear running water to cleanse the negative energies.